Druzy Fest.

There’s been a major trend round the jewelry parts. Of course I want to partake.

This is about genuinely appreciating a druzy – a more affordable alternative to a gemstone that is usually much more expensive and faceted in some way. A druzy (or druse) refers to many little crystals that grow over a mineral, like a glittering skin.

We all want glowing skin, don’t we? If not glowing skin, then I want my accessories to sparkle. Fall is the perfect season to show that sparkle because you can get away with a sweater without a jacket or a jacket that’s more part of your outfit, like a bomber. No matter what the case, I want my druzy to show. Hush  now, you know I’m talking about rocks :).

This necklace is simple. Sleek. Sophisticated sparkle.



Here, I darkened the picture a bit so you could just see the sparkle I am talking about – the reflection. It’s all about the stone on this one. No extra beads or overwhelming additions necessary. Just plain and pretty.


And just to give you a little more perspective on that chain….



Simplicity and rocks. *Happy Sigh*   Let me know how you would wear it?!


Where do you find your peace?

This is something that is so interesting, so insanely curious to me….where do you, personally, find your peace?

Now we all know I want to turn this back to some sort of jewelry piece (haaaaa), but truthfully, where/when do you feel renewed? The answer is SO different for all of us, and that’s what makes the question so simple –

Where do you find the thing that makes you whole?

Where do you find yourself? A moment of clarity? A moment frozen in time?

Where do you find quiet? Where do you find your joy? Where do you find your rest?

My moment comes from the sunset. Call me cheesy, call me basic, whatever. Everyday I find it. Everyday it’s looking for me – through windows, outside my car, through the screen of the window over my sink. It’s waiting for me. Each day I try to relish that moment. The vibrancy of the colors, the sounds of the night sinking in around us, or even the moment where the sky is continuing to darken around a rain cloud that is unforgiving. I know the sunset is there, too. The colors are inspiring, the moment is serene, and the whole world beautifully shifts into this time space between day and night.

I find peace, silence, sound, calm and warmth. Every. Single. Time.

Just look at tonight’s…..It started with this:



and went to this:






and then:




Wishing you a moment of peace at some point in the near future 🙂 Feel free to share with me, if you like.


Quick Guide to Summer Drinks. It’s Thyme.

Anyone been looking for summer drinks? My preference is a drink that can be non-alcoholic on its own and spiked for those who want it.

I follow some fun steps to make myself the perfect mojito – and if you don’t want the liquor, well, this has you covered. I’ve learned that making some of the staple ingredients of crafted cocktails – whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic is a time saver that gets me to relaxation time faster. This isn’t just for parties, this is for something refreshing in the afternoon, something for yourself in a quiet moment, something to savor.


You need:

Mint – Rosemary – Thyme      one or all!

Limes – buy these in bulk if you can

Sugar (I used sugar in the raw)



Jars or sealable containers to be kept in the frig


1.Make your simple syrup ahead of time:

1 cup of water to 1 cup of sugar in a saucepan. Heat on medium heat until the ingredients dissolve.

The mixture will thicken slightly, but this is the time to add the flavor! Stick in sprigs of thyme, maybe 4-5 sticks. Or throw in a bunch of mint:


Stir, and then turn off the heat. Let this sit for a while to really get the herbs steeped in that sweet liquid. We’re making dreams here, people.




When the mixture has cooled, I’m talking at least an hour to be safe, carefully pour it into containers that can be kept in the frig. If your pan is still hot, do not pour it! Sugar is especially a burner.

My simple syrup mixture is usually dark due to using turbinado or sugar in the raw versus granulated sugar.


See that golden color? And it smells SO minty fresh.

2. Next, squeeze the crap out of a bunch of limes. I’m serious here. I probably (sweetly asked my husband to do) used about 10 or more limes. Buy ’em in bulk. It saves so much time and money to have it at the ready. There is no substitute for real lemon or real lime juice.

So now I’ve got my two main ingredients to begin:



Here’s a pic with the flash so you can see how rich the color is on the simple syrup, and how fresh lime juice actually looks:


Now, I would add 1-3 tablespoons of each of these to any refreshment. And I did.



I muddled my mint like a pro. Pro-ish.

My drink of choice: mojito. Sub in lemon-lime soda or lemon-lime seltzer for the rum if you don’t want it. Either way, you CANNOT leave here today without trying this.



Some combos recently:

  • 1-2 cups peach tea, 2 tablespoons mint simple syrup, 1 tablespoon lime juice for zing – pour over ice and serve
  • 1-2 cups lemon lime soda/seltzer (saves calories), 2 tablespoons simple syrup, 2 tablespoons lime juice – pour over ice and serve
  • Mojito twist: watermelon juice (had too much watermelon), 2 tablespoons thyme simple syrup, shot of clear rum, muddled mint, 2 tablespoons lime juice – make in a cocktail shaker and pour over ice to serve.

I’m DYING to try pineapple and rosemary in some way. Have you? Tell me below!

Fruit + Herb Combos to try:

Watermelon + thyme simple syrup (Check out my Instagram for evidence!!

Watermelon + mint simple syrup

Pineapple + mint simple syrup

Pineappe + rosemary simple syrup

Peach + rosemary simple syrup


Let me know what you think!

Happy Birthday!


It was a beautiful weekend! NOT. Rain and rain and rain and rain and humidity. This hair was curlier than a french fry. Someone who wouldn’t let the rain get her down? My mother! It was her birthday!

She’d really prefer that we go to a French restaurant, drink lots of wine, and have 6 desserts for 4 people, and all have to go home and sleep because we were too stuffed. Not that we did ANY of that.

She also loves accessories….so I figured adding to her collection was only celebrating her.

These cubic gold beads make you play dress up without trying! Lord knows sometimes we all just get tired and need a quick fix. They have such great reflective properties, such awesome softness, and are crisp without being uptight.


Using some memory wire (it’s wire that keeps a ring shape) was easy to make her a pretty wrap bracelet that would stay on her petite wrist and still show. There’s something about the richness of this gold that makes them a great compliment to any skin tone – and on her olive skin, it was perfect.



The wrap quality is my favorite part. It’s a guarantee that your bracelet will stay on – which is particularly helpful at work either banging around on a desk with your hands and wrists or motioning a lot. Because you’ll be waving your arms around and dancing in a civilized work place, right? Still. I like a guarantee.


Added a little finish touch to the ends:


and voila – part 1 of gift complete.

Part 2. Something to go with her ring? Her ring is a sapphire flanked by two white diamonds set in white gold.

A complement…and I wanted to give her “stackers.” My special term for bracelets that you can stack on on top of the other and layer up, or wear as a single strand for simplicity.


The white beads will help with her everyday style – more casual as she favors gray and black neutral with gem tones thrown in the mix. Silver accents to play nicely with her ring. Sparkle at the end. No matter which way the bracelets wind up on your wrist throughout the day, they look bright and light.



She loved ’em. Loves ’em.

It was her birthday, so that’s all that matters!







We moved.

Ok, guilty. Guilty of not posting on here like I should have. Forget the excuses…you’ll forgive me though, right? Please? I am so sorry.

So, we moved. I never anticipated all of the stress, the craziness, the happiness, the tears, and oh did I mention the stress? Well, not the first person to move, won’t be the last. But, we did take on a bunch of projects and bought a semi-fixer upper. I say semi because we’re not tearing down walls and replacing bathrooms….yet. But we are painting and redoing furniture and slowly decorating. I’ll be sharing some of that goodness on here.

But, I did get the chance to restart – and here. We. Go.



I’ve got this awesome set of arrows. They sparkle. They shine. They make chain look good.




This just feels like the right way to start the day. Simplicity, ease and direction.


And…green crystal beads. Not just any green – an adaptable green. An inspiring green. A happy green. Memory wire and some finishing touches on the end make this dreamy.







So naturally, I threw this in a (beaten up) but still beautiful plant. I wanted to see that green pop against the red flower and match up green vs. green. So pretty.



But what about together?



Now THIS seems like the right way to start the day.


Thanks for coming back to me, friend. Let’s catch up again this weekend.



Pastel Pink and Chevron

Something simple to share with ya today…actually, maybe two things.

I was looking for some gold rings and came across this awesome chevron in silver. So I had to get it. Found some leftover chain – and a little bit later: voila


This was captioned as “Summer in a necklace.” on Instagram. Don’t ya think?

Cooking shows are a favorite of mine, particularly the Saturday morning ones. I love getting a recipe for that Saturday night – something fresh, new, fun, maybe simple or maybe complicated. Well, this weekend – I got a two-fer (two for? two four? no. ok.) Inspiration abounded and these came along:


Simple pastel pink – so light, so perfect for summer. Or in the winter, something to contrast with your dark outfit.

Loving the circle in the center to offset the rectangular beads.

Enjoy this day,

Bauble Babe

Metaliciously Smart.

You may or may not have seen an obsession with metals on here. It may be subtle in the form of a single spike…or it may be focus on a particular chain type: brown, bronze, thick links, smaller links, etc.

Whatever the case, hopefully, you get the appreciation for it.

Well, today won’t disappoint.

I had to practically adjust my camera way out of whack just to show you the light glimmering off this fun piece:


Seriously metal without the bulk. I like a smart piece. A piece that takes your shirt from cami to date night on a boardwalk in the summer….or dinner and a movie….

You get more of this metal effect here:


and I just had to point out the other chain that it was matched with:


I took some large jump rings for interest and stability and used them to fasten the two chains together. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most interesting.

Let’s amp up the metal factor a little bit.


Spike me. These spikes are, so far, my favorite. The gunmetal gray. The length – not too crazy that it couldn’t be worn at work. Not too small that they look like a spacer bead….just enough edge to make an impact. The necklace is pretty long – probably falling somewhere around the mid bust line – making it pretty versatile.

The green, glass, teardrop shaped beads give it that sparkle. I used antiqued and decorative headpins (those things sticking out from the teardrop shaped bead) to give a little mix to the necklace, and to give each teardrop bead some extra oomph.


Metaliferous. Understated metallicesque.


Yep. This one has it….a lariat style necklace with a simple blue bead (which I had to highlight here).

Wrap the open necklace as one strand around the back of your neck, and, holding the necklace in your two hands, feed the beads through the pretty metal hoop. Pull to achieve desired length.


It’s just the right amount of freedom. Just the right amount of sparkle. Perfect amount of metal.


and, oh, would you look at that crystal bead finishing touch?