Holidazed Gems.

Life is so busy during the holidays for everyone, but hopefully you had moments of happiness and togetherness with family and friends. I am no fashion guru, and I will admit that, every single day, putting together clothes to wear annoys me. I know it’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of life, but it’s annoyance to me has been present even when I had a uniform in grammar school. Every day the choice gives me a little bit of heartburn. The holidays make this worse. I would rather sit in traffic, cook 5 dinners for one night, do massive amounts of laundry for my family or clean my whole house twice than put together an outfit for a single day. (I’ll be posting soon about some organizational tips I use to try and combat this, so stay tuned for that!)

That is part of the reason why I love jewelry so much – it’s a finishing touch that can pull it all together or maybe elevate what you have going on to the next level of being put together. It can offer subtle sophistication where there may be none. Or maybe it just makes me, YOU, the person wearing it feel a little bit better.

So, I created this piece to help with just that – to pull it all together with simplicity and a little bit of focus.





This necklace features gold with heather green, wire wrapped beads.




The beads are adjoined by a gold filled ring – the ring is small, just under the size of a dime, but it’s just enough to bring the two, long strands of gold chain together.



I think it’s the mix of gold and these heather green beads together that I like so much.




The color of the beads really stands out here:


Ahhhh sigh, don’t you just love roses? Paired with jewelry? Ahhh, sigh again.


I paired this necklace with a dark green, sleeveless turtleneck (to be inside all day on Turkey Day), dark jeans, and beige booties. The outfit was simple – but this necklace spoke all for itself.

Let me know what you wore for Thanksgiving Day! If I was cooking, I’d probably want jewelry to stay out of my food and face – so maybe that will be my next post…


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