Because you love sunsets, too.

This is like force feeding you beautiful countryside and sunsets, isn’t it?

Peak season in our area might already be over, but there are still so many beautiful trees that have leaves, and since it’s been warm, the trees have been changing or losing their leaves a little later than normal. It also has to do with the type of tree, but for the most part, it’s really ALL for our benefit.

Tonight, I went for a walk along the river before bauble husband arrived home via train. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place. It started out with a walk along the meadow….


Still so much color to behold. And if you look along the path, well, the leaves just brighten it up.




I walked along the path a bit, passed these trees….




and passed this one, too…

and eventually came to the water’s edge.



without knowing it, I spent a bunch of time playing with my camera, taking pictures, and listening to the wind blow. Solitude really makes me pay attention to noise, and that’s the thing that I appreciate most about photography…the sound of the internal shutter, the click of the shutter button, me flicking buttons around, playing with the lens – zooming here, zooming there. It’s all quiet, but subtle, progress noise.


Not to mention the water lapping up on the shore quietly…and these views really weren’t making it a bad place to be right then.



And as the clouds and the air cooled, and I peered along the edge, a beautiful sunset was forming.



So naturally, I had to get closer.



Simple pictures, simple event, simply happy.


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