Autumn all Over New York.


One year ago, almost to the date, I wrote a post about Fall in New York.

I feel lucky to live here, and to experience this. There is nothing quite like driving home from work, at the golden hour of sunset, and everything around you is glowing as well. It makes the drive much much easier.

There is nothing like driving on any road, any highway, any backroad, and finding a brightly colored tree that’s equally as impressive as the last. And there is nothing like cursing the “leaf peepers” driving all over the road because they are distracted by the damn trees. I mean, the damn beautiful trees.


Random trees and random person’s head.

This picture was taken at a pumpkin festival over the weekend. I managed to finish 3 fried oreos and a plate of Jamaican food while I barely took a photo of pumpkins. No pumpkin spice latte basicness over here. You’re welcome.


Even the ground leaves look beautiful with pops of red and yellow.


I will likely post more about Fall. Thank you for your patience in advance 😉




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