We the Earrings.

It only seems fitting to be posting about something political – a political statement. Statement. Ok, statement earrings. And sometimes that statement can be subtle.

Subtle, clean, and bright.

It starts with the teardrop shape. This shape is great because of three main things:

  • It goes against the round – roundness of studs, diamonds, most stones.
  • It can still be soft in a larger size.
  • It still allows for a simple necklace if you so choose.



This image was darkened so you could see the brightness and cubic shape of each bead.


Each cubic bead was wrapped using 18 gauge wire around the teardrop shape.



and here is where you can really see the reflective properties of these beads in a simple champagne color. All about a staple color for all different days, outfits, and occasions.



This was one such occasion. On with this scarf, and on with these beauties.



How would you wear them? Let me know.

Belladonna Bauble


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