Druzy Fest.

There’s been a major trend round the jewelry parts. Of course I want to partake.

This is about genuinely appreciating a druzy – a more affordable alternative to a gemstone that is usually much more expensive and faceted in some way. A druzy (or druse) refers to many little crystals that grow over a mineral, like a glittering skin.

We all want glowing skin, don’t we? If not glowing skin, then I want my accessories to sparkle. Fall is the perfect season to show that sparkle because you can get away with a sweater without a jacket or a jacket that’s more part of your outfit, like a bomber. No matter what the case, I want my druzy to show. Hush  now, you know I’m talking about rocks :).

This necklace is simple. Sleek. Sophisticated sparkle.



Here, I darkened the picture a bit so you could just see the sparkle I am talking about – the reflection. It’s all about the stone on this one. No extra beads or overwhelming additions necessary. Just plain and pretty.


And just to give you a little more perspective on that chain….



Simplicity and rocks. *Happy Sigh*   Let me know how you would wear it?!


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