Where do you find your peace?

This is something that is so interesting, so insanely curious to me….where do you, personally, find your peace?

Now we all know I want to turn this back to some sort of jewelry piece (haaaaa), but truthfully, where/when do you feel renewed? The answer is SO different for all of us, and that’s what makes the question so simple –

Where do you find the thing that makes you whole?

Where do you find yourself? A moment of clarity? A moment frozen in time?

Where do you find quiet? Where do you find your joy? Where do you find your rest?

My moment comes from the sunset. Call me cheesy, call me basic, whatever. Everyday I find it. Everyday it’s looking for me – through windows, outside my car, through the screen of the window over my sink. It’s waiting for me. Each day I try to relish that moment. The vibrancy of the colors, the sounds of the night sinking in around us, or even the moment where the sky is continuing to darken around a rain cloud that is unforgiving. I know the sunset is there, too. The colors are inspiring, the moment is serene, and the whole world beautifully shifts into this time space between day and night.

I find peace, silence, sound, calm and warmth. Every. Single. Time.

Just look at tonight’s…..It started with this:



and went to this:






and then:




Wishing you a moment of peace at some point in the near future 🙂 Feel free to share with me, if you like.



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