Happy Birthday!


It was a beautiful weekend! NOT. Rain and rain and rain and rain and humidity. This hair was curlier than a french fry. Someone who wouldn’t let the rain get her down? My mother! It was her birthday!

She’d really prefer that we go to a French restaurant, drink lots of wine, and have 6 desserts for 4 people, and all have to go home and sleep because we were too stuffed. Not that we did ANY of that.

She also loves accessories….so I figured adding to her collection was only celebrating her.

These cubic gold beads make you play dress up without trying! Lord knows sometimes we all just get tired and need a quick fix. They have such great reflective properties, such awesome softness, and are crisp without being uptight.


Using some memory wire (it’s wire that keeps a ring shape) was easy to make her a pretty wrap bracelet that would stay on her petite wrist and still show. There’s something about the richness of this gold that makes them a great compliment to any skin tone – and on her olive skin, it was perfect.



The wrap quality is my favorite part. It’s a guarantee that your bracelet will stay on – which is particularly helpful at work either banging around on a desk with your hands and wrists or motioning a lot. Because you’ll be waving your arms around and dancing in a civilized work place, right? Still. I like a guarantee.


Added a little finish touch to the ends:


and voila – part 1 of gift complete.

Part 2. Something to go with her ring? Her ring is a sapphire flanked by two white diamonds set in white gold.

A complement…and I wanted to give her “stackers.” My special term for bracelets that you can stack on on top of the other and layer up, or wear as a single strand for simplicity.


The white beads will help with her everyday style – more casual as she favors gray and black neutral with gem tones thrown in the mix. Silver accents to play nicely with her ring. Sparkle at the end. No matter which way the bracelets wind up on your wrist throughout the day, they look bright and light.



She loved ’em. Loves ’em.

It was her birthday, so that’s all that matters!








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