We moved.

Ok, guilty. Guilty of not posting on here like I should have. Forget the excuses…you’ll forgive me though, right? Please? I am so sorry.

So, we moved. I never anticipated all of the stress, the craziness, the happiness, the tears, and oh did I mention the stress? Well, not the first person to move, won’t be the last. But, we did take on a bunch of projects and bought a semi-fixer upper. I say semi because we’re not tearing down walls and replacing bathrooms….yet. But we are painting and redoing furniture and slowly decorating. I’ll be sharing some of that goodness on here.

But, I did get the chance to restart – and here. We. Go.



I’ve got this awesome set of arrows. They sparkle. They shine. They make chain look good.




This just feels like the right way to start the day. Simplicity, ease and direction.


And…green crystal beads. Not just any green – an adaptable green. An inspiring green. A happy green. Memory wire and some finishing touches on the end make this dreamy.







So naturally, I threw this in a (beaten up) but still beautiful plant. I wanted to see that green pop against the red flower and match up green vs. green. So pretty.



But what about together?



Now THIS seems like the right way to start the day.


Thanks for coming back to me, friend. Let’s catch up again this weekend.




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