Metaliciously Smart.

You may or may not have seen an obsession with metals on here. It may be subtle in the form of a single spike…or it may be focus on a particular chain type: brown, bronze, thick links, smaller links, etc.

Whatever the case, hopefully, you get the appreciation for it.

Well, today won’t disappoint.

I had to practically adjust my camera way out of whack just to show you the light glimmering off this fun piece:


Seriously metal without the bulk. I like a smart piece. A piece that takes your shirt from cami to date night on a boardwalk in the summer….or dinner and a movie….

You get more of this metal effect here:


and I just had to point out the other chain that it was matched with:


I took some large jump rings for interest and stability and used them to fasten the two chains together. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most interesting.

Let’s amp up the metal factor a little bit.


Spike me. These spikes are, so far, my favorite. The gunmetal gray. The length – not too crazy that it couldn’t be worn at work. Not too small that they look like a spacer bead….just enough edge to make an impact. The necklace is pretty long – probably falling somewhere around the mid bust line – making it pretty versatile.

The green, glass, teardrop shaped beads give it that sparkle. I used antiqued and decorative headpins (those things sticking out from the teardrop shaped bead) to give a little mix to the necklace, and to give each teardrop bead some extra oomph.


Metaliferous. Understated metallicesque.


Yep. This one has it….a lariat style necklace with a simple blue bead (which I had to highlight here).

Wrap the open necklace as one strand around the back of your neck, and, holding the necklace in your two hands, feed the beads through the pretty metal hoop. Pull to achieve desired length.


It’s just the right amount of freedom. Just the right amount of sparkle. Perfect amount of metal.


and, oh, would you look at that crystal bead finishing touch?


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