I Saw the Sun.

and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sun…ahem, excuse me. 

I saw the sun the sun this weekend. Don’t tell anyone, but it was warm and made the temperatures warmer than 50. It made me want to create some jewelry with some metals, but I needed to brighten up the metals and not just make full metal pieces.

I went ahead and made earrings since I am afraid to make earrings. I will post about this dirty, dark secret at a later time…but I’ll give you a hint: usually a little wine or a piece of chocolate is involved.

First, because of the beautiful blue sky, I made these:

IMG_4705 (1)

I used silver connector rings to offset the soft blue of the dyed turquoise howlite beads. The gray crystal bead helps to connect the pieces together and add just a touch of shimmer. Ok, I’ll say my favorite caption for a jewelry piece: day to night. These earrings can be worn in the day and take you into the night. Wear them casually to dress up a weekend outfit or for an interesting earring with your work business suit.


Then, these came along:


Inspiration: a group of gorgeous red anemones blooming in a front lawn. The chain brings the brighter ring and the pop of the beads together.

…and I think I am using all these larger, circular connectors and jump rings to achieve the look because of the glorious sun. If I don’t post, it’s only because the sun has got a hold on me.

Hope you all can enjoy some, too.


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