An annual ritual in the Northeast is happening. Tis the season, or lack thereof, where we can honor this tradition with the utmost reverence and humility. All participate in some way. Few are able to escape. This, my friends, is weeping season. At this point every year, no matter how beautiful the snow is, allll in New York go, “All right. OK. We’re all set snow. Goodbye cold. Hello flip flops?!?!” 

Generally speaking, April sets in, and we all start to inappropriately wear flip flops. Buds are new on the trees, the birds are now chirping so helpfully at 4:22am, and the temp are in the 50s. Yep, sounds like flippies to me.

Maybe one of the best things besides busting out our sandals, with a sweatshirt and long jeans, of course, is the green color that accompanies Spring. I begin to notice little patches of new grass in between some dead spots. Some buds on trees and bushes are brown, some are a deep reddish brown, and some are green. Those green buds stop our Northeastern weeping. Those green buds say, “Hang in there! Nice flip flops.”

IMG_8566Like these little brown buds beginning to form on my wisteria vine….They’re saying, “It’s OK, the weather person is wrong about the next few days being in the 40s.”

One nice thing about this is all my backyard bamboo (yep, you read that right) is beginning to turn back to green from its winter yellowing.

IMG_8568Like this stuff in the back of the house is beginning to look like the bamboo in the front of the house:


In a month or so that bamboo will be beautiful, lush, and even taller. Don’t ask about all the bamboo. We rent. 😛

All this Spring green has me seeing green:


Just a little green accent to a silver pendant…a simple but interesting low hanging necklace.

IMG_8588Now this one. This one packs a big punch in a small package. It’s perfectly dainty. It’s perfectly lengthed (am I taking a liberty with that one?) Just a little pop of color neck to a business suit…or the perfect accent to a basic tee on the weekend.


This piece has the perfect Spring and summer color against gorgeous brown chain. It’s the perfect thickness to wear during the day and bring you into the night time. I want this for my casual outfits, and I also want this for my business casual days.


This has me talking. I’m not sure to whom yet, but I’ll figure that crap out later, I gotta worry about these gems! I lightened this shot up a bit so you can see the contrast with the rose gold and the shimmer of the beads…if it helps. All are glass beads wire wrapped and attached to a very thin brown chain. Look at these gorgeous Spring colors up close:


Too pretty.

I wonder what color out there will grab me next?

What’s your favorite part of Spring?


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