Lowcountry Travels

You have to admit that there is something about the city of Charleston, South Carolina. I’ll admit it for you. First, there is a beloved friend that beckons a visit. Second, there is an otherworldly culinary scene. And finally, there is weather to welcome….so, naturally, all three are a near perfect – if not perfect, combination. We traveled there recently for a rest from all this snow and cold. Just a little rest.

How do you get over the winter blues we have been having in NY? With live oak trees that look like this:


…and tea based cocktails with spiced rum from a fabulous restaurant called Tavern and Table that look like this:


…and homes full of history that look like this:


and this:



…and these aren’t even the Rainbow Row homes, or the mansions on the water, or the plantations…

…or old store fronts revealing their former, and now current, glory:



and desserts that look like this:


…and BLT sandwiches from Prohibition that look like this:


…and more glorious architecture and details:




…and the charm of all the porches with roofs painted the mandatory haint blue.

…and countless other meals, and, ahem, cocktails, that one could physically handle in 5 days.

…and how many people greet you (to a northerner, WHOA).

…and the sunshine in every one of these photos.

…and making memories with a friend and a husband.

…and…you get the idea…right?


3 thoughts on “Lowcountry Travels

  1. YES! We only spent an afternoon there but I would love to go back for longer. I just posted about it also, but I must admit your photos are much better! We are doing a bit of craft beer themed road trip so we checked out Palmetto Brewery, Southend Smokehouse & Brewery, a bunch of BBQ and then tried to walk it all while staring at all the beautiful architecture!



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