Paying Homage

Oh man, big mistake. I underestimated these things. I’ve been so busy trying to challenge myself with, “use this bead, try that color, try this shape, use that stone” that I have forgotten the roots. For me, those roots were seed beads. Yep, good, old-fashioned, steadfast, true, and available in every shade seed beads. I “learned” to “bead” on these things. Stringing strand after strand of these little beads was fun and interesting.

On a recent trip to the bead shop I quickly discovered just how out of touch I had become. I drifted past all the findings, all the various skulls (maybe you know this obsession from my Instagram), all the many colored bars, all the strung semi-precious stones, heading straight for the chain. I got my feet upon feet of chain. On the way back, I thought, “Oh look, seed beads.” And then my eyes settled on a certain color….”Ohhhh, seeeeed beadssss.” A whole new perspective began to form. I bought this light rose color, and love what’s happening.

FullSizeRender (1)


These earrings are with the lightest rose colored seed bead, a glass champagne colored bead, and an awesome spike to offset the sweet.

Needless to say, I bought a lot of this bead. So, I gotta mix it up. Now, I want to stay sweet all the way:


A seed bead bracelet that wraps three times over ones’ wrist with an iridescent yellow bead to bring out the color of each. Simple. Easy. Classy. Daytime. Simple night time.



Can you tell, now, why these beads are so awesome? I hope you love them just as much, too.

Thanks for stopping by today 🙂


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