No Snow

In the country house, that is (not mine). Everywhere else is covered with gorgeous, beautiful, bright snow. I happen to really enjoy the snow. It brightens all the dark of winter. One might notice things that were once walked past. There is a fun anticipation and buildup to it. There’s all kinds of inspiration for jewelry. I like to use the backdrop of the snow to point out colors to me. For instance….



…I loved finding these bright little berries under all the snow. Such a lovely muted shade of red, yet perfect enough to stand out. Ya gotta find the bright in the dark. Or, in this case, the pretty in the bright white.


Would you believe there is a pond beyond that? I love the sign against the white abyss. No, I will not fish in the hard snow. This sign does so much good in the winter.  And here is the bridge over that abyss (pond):


I never really noticed how pretty that masonry was until this picture. Not the artistry (HA! INSERT AMAZING SNORT OF LAUGHTER HERE) of the picture, just how cool the form of the bridge really is against the snow.

We ended the weekend with the most gorgeous sunset over the snow. And now, I have some inspiration for some new pieces to share.


Until then …


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