Pre & Post Snowmageddon

A few things that come to mind when I hear of snow:

1. Bread is gonna be sold out. Thank goodness I went food shopping.

2. Do people actually use all the bread they fought for in the supermarket for one day of snow? The 97 gallons of milk? What about all those stupid eggs? Egg sandwiches, deviled eggs, and quiche must be the most popular dishes of a snow storm.

3. Hopefully “they” will close some roads. Thankfully, “they” did this time around. ‘Cause people here can only drive poorly in the most perfect of conditions. Driving skills go south quicker than a senior citizen snowbird after Columbus Day. AmIright fellow New Yorkers?

4. There are other things to do besides make and consume toast and scrambled eggs…


…like revel in these awesome stretchy bracelets and finally complete some more. It all started with a strand of turquoise colored skull beads. Make a 17-18 inch skull necklace? Nah. Make long skull earrings? Nah. Make 3,678,904 stretchy bracelets that can be stacked altogether, worn separately, and rock your world? Ok, I’ll try.


And I will keep trying for you.


And still plan some more.

Let me know if you like ’em, and thanks for stopping by today 🙂


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