Why is it so underrated? Why is it so underused? Why is it seen as so harsh on the eyes? Orange. Not the fruit. The color. Oh yes, the color.


Take these….crystal beads that were on sale. What? Sale? Um, yes,don’t mind if I do….then I did. And then…



…there were more of a different shape….bold, rectangular orange beads from Michael’s. Now, while that is not always my bead buying boutique, it certainly has a serious collection of jewelry making supplies: findings, tools, storage, loveliness. I am certainly not paid to say that; just an honest thought. And these beads were bought a long time ago. We are talking many months, my friend. Many months more than a year. Perhaps more than the amount of months that make up two years. Who can be sure – my embarrassment is the same.

And with my jewelry making block came a little revelation; just slam it all together. And then the unthinkable happened: it looked OK. Not OK. Pretty good. Not pretty good….kinda awesome.



Think of all the amazing times you see orange: a gorgeous sunset – an amazing sunrise – a boot on your car (you never get to see how pretty that orange is through the anger) – a parking ticket in my town – the orange wedge in my glass of sangria – there is so much orange in this world to be seen, we just need to look. Or not park in that spot.  🙂


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