A Boston breather

We decided to travel to Boston for a friend’s baby shower in between work and jewelry and cooking and sleeping and pretending to work out and coffee and the cold. Sometimes it is just a day or two that helps you recharge and escape. The friends or family that we met along the way also made the trip. While there was no jewelry making in the hotel room, there was some time spent exploring.

Some of the best things in the city are the lovely churches which can be found in Copley Square. There are others all over, but this architecture just speaks to you…



Like the gorgeous steeples all over this church and the beautiful tower. You can just imagine someone peering out of the tower with period clothing on maybe getting ready to ring the bells or sneaking up there for a break. That is the crazy imagery going on in my crazy noggin’.



Or this newer building…and how the clouds were drifting that day.



And the old and new together.



And now the old and new, again, from a distance across the square. I swear we went other places, but we stayed right around here and did not have much free time. Plus, this area is a great hub full of life in the heart of downtown.



How gorgeous is this iron work? I would show you more photos of this nature, but then you would think this is an ironworkers’s blog. Do ironworkers have blogs? Artisan ironworkers? Is this even a thing? They should. This is gorgeous.



And then we stopped near the library to wait for family. While waiting, we noticed these little birdies all getting together on that perch, one by one. Tons of noise, tons of people around, and these birds are here reminding us to take a breather.


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