I have a stalker.

….yep. It is blue, and round, and is about the size of a nickel. I know, intense. Breathe deeply.

This bead has been with me for a year. It is actually a large strand of beads. Plaguing me. Daily, weekly, all the time. These beads are a challenge. They are hard to match (in my design mind), heavy, and are not everyone’s taste. These are difficult little jerks staring at with wide eyes every time the bead storage bins are opened.

Why were they purchased? That super gorgeous, opaque, almost royal blue color that is not too much. There is no sparkle to this bead but just a soft sheen. It’s this bad boy right here:




and here is the whole lot of ’em:



They were staring at me right in the face. Bold move. Then it was time to pair them with something equally as bold but contrasting. Not necessarily the same size, either. That could be too much. Definitely not any sort of bright blue. Definitely not red. Enough of those holiday colors for this week. Definitely not silver this time ’round. Definitely not large sparkle. Definitely orange. That will be an upcoming post. Definitely not…this other stuff. This could all change, though.





Double perfect.



Put it all together and waddya got?



I can live with that. Now they can all stalk me together until they find a home.

…and let me apologize for not posting in almost one month. You do not deserve that. I am glad we can have these honest talks.

Until very soon….


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