Multiple Personalities

So it’s the holiday season, and over here I’m working on some Christmas gifts. Homemade/handmade gifts have a lot of personality and thought behind them making them my favorite to present (PRE-sent, eh? See what happened there? Ok. Nerding out.)

I’ve realized that, in making all these pieces, I have a range of personalities and tastes to call my friends and family. If they made a rainbow, they would be all crazy colors. If they wrote a song, it would have an upbeat melody to start and switch to another crazy, but upbeat melody. If they choreographed a dance, you wouldn’t know where to look first. You’ll see what I mean.




For the boho, some soft green wire wrapped beads and a brown glass bead.




For that friend that always looks beautiful in the most casual of outfits. You know who your friend is. This person makes sweats look fantastic and a ponytail look glamorous.





This bracelet seems a little whimsy to me…maybe it’s the color, maybe I picture a dreamer wearing this bracelet.







….and this friend is speeeecy spicy. Likes a little glamour. Maybe doesn’t like glamour at all. Likes something different. Maybe likes something trendy. This person is truly unique. You just have to see these wire wrapped hoops from another angle:




Aren’t they fun? Gosh. Time to make 409,213,456 for myself.


More winter bauble inspiration to come….



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