A Bit of Glam for All

This weekend we went to several wineries on the eastern end of Long Island. One would never know that these places existed. There are 20+ wineries, and they sit in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful trees, among farms, and showcasing all kinds of farmhouses and shoreline architecture that you would normally see. Just gorgeous. I don’t have many pictures since the daylight hours were shorter, but here is a glimpse:


Livestock!! We could walk right up to the gate as these boys sauntered over and ate hay in our faces.


Look at this big guy posing for me. Ham.


Just some alpacas resting.


A walking path which seemed so whimsical and warm to me at night.


A sophisticated barn turned winery entrance…


and a blurry top to that barn…but needed you to see the whole picture. This lighting makes these pictures seem romantic.

And this lighting was very inviting:


Seeing these places made me homesick for the countryside and quiet, but excited for the holidays. This set the mood for me to make some glamorous pieces with a bit of bling and pearls since people typically dress up a bit for holiday gatherings. And a colleague asked for some bracelets. Chaos ensued. Happy chaos.


First, a piece with ice blue glass beads and sparkly, black teardrop beads…Something to adorn your holiday outfit, wear to work, or add to your weekend errand getup.


And of course, some simple earrings that match but do  not overmatch. Obviously these can be worn separately or together, but that option is up to the consumer.


Ice blue glass beads (leftover from above) with white pearls…memory wire bracelet.


Gray pearls with mirror like small silver beads.

Perhaps my favorite detail of all these bracelets, of which there are 7 in total, is the hanging detail at the end of each: I simply add a bead to the end of each bracelet to give it that extra somethin’ somethin’:


I had to mess with my camera settings a bit to get the green sparkle of this bead to shine through. But, these are soft rose colored pearls with the translucent green sparkly beads…a heavenly match for understated glamour.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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