Don’t Know Why

We had a little snow in NY the other day…I do not have documentation other than social media presenting this news for me. Not like what has been happening out in western NY, but snow nonetheless. Not everyone loves this cold weather that is upon us. But…we cannot change it, so why not try to embrace it?

Apparently, this embrace was on my subconscious mind….I am talking the winter blues, the cold weather blues. I was making some pieces to show a colleague, and suddenly, I saw a pattern. Light, soft blues, like this:


The silver accent beads really set off each of main silver beads on this memory wire wrap bracelet ….but the blues. Oh that soft, periwinkle blue.

But then, sometimes, you get a little more sad…’cause the days are shorter, and colder, and messier, and….dense. But, that’s what I like about this next piece, the density:


A more dense oval bead accented by a turquoise crystal set against silver…not an over-pop of color; just enough color to be perfect.

And then there are those winter blues that are coming now matter what:


…the kind that need to be worn over a sweater dress or with a white T-shirt, jeans, and boots.


Even though I love Winter, and hope you all do too, or have some appreciation for it, I love Thanksgiving…maybe soon will be the time to show you some harvest, Thanksgiving, orange/red/brown inspired pieces. Remember those beads that snuck into another post? 🙂

Talk soon,

Bauble Babe


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