The last bits of Fall

These trees are hanging on to their leaves for dear life. We are supposed to get a cold snap coming up, so I bet that will change….but I don’t remember the last time Fall has lasted so long into November. Here’s a bit of what I am talking about:



This is really unusual….there’s still so much life and color on these trees.






Even some green!!! Oh my goodness. It is November. This NEVER happens. Well, it has never happened in my lifetime. Or in my lifetime that I have noticed. I think. I’m pretty sure. Regardless, is that green? GREEN? Still some green leaves!

Well, you know that with all of this life in the Autumn season that I am still feeling the colors and looking to bring them into some pieces. First, something simple and lovely:



How sweet are these? Simple brown colored chain with a greenish brown and clear brown glass beads. Just a little something for a weekend outfit, a pretty pair of earrings to spice up a work outfit, or a nice complement for an evening out:



Here’s a little more saturation so you can see the beautiful colors. Plus, they hang about 3 1/4 inches, which is dramatic yet understated at the same time…if that makes sense. It does. Up in the ol’ crazy department. These have a quiet drama about them.

And then, I needed something to match the soft punches of color in the trees…not match in color but match in the same effect. I love brown and turquoise, or brown and blues together. I decided to add some of that turquoise to the browns of Fall.




Perhaps my favorite thing about this necklace is the long gold chain…letting the necklace hang long but still bringing another pop of a different color.

And if you look closely, you can see some red beads in the upper left corner of this picture…

Get excited 🙂





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