New Loot

It was a day like any other day: I woke up happy to see my husband and see some sunshine. And then see some coffee. We planned a little jaunt into the city (people round these parts just call Manhattan the city, or Manhattan even though there are 5 boroughs that make up the city proper) for me to walk to some bead stores and shop around.

What happened next could only be described as fate: there was a store that was (temporarily!) going out of business. Let me explain since I would not revel in someone else’s misery: the store was moving to a new yet undetermined location. Meaning that, for the time being, they had to pack everything up and shop around for a new store front. But, they wanted to empty their inventory as much as possible….you know what happens next.


Let’s start with these colors. Oh. my. word. wordless.


Fun fact: The color on the right is : Chili Pepper.


I had to take this up against the light, I mean for real? Citrine? Lemon? Lemony citrus? Whatever…amazing.


Look familiar?


and the remaining loot – chain and charms and chic.  Would you look at those chains?

More to come with those bad boys soon. Maybe this weekend, if you are lucky.


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