Halloween was a comin’ and now’s a gone…

I haven’t always been into the idea of Halloween, mostly because I wanted to have really wonderful costumes and was not creative enough to dream up a clever idea. This year, we bought to tickets to a concert at a bowling alley with a group of friends. Turns out that we were all gettin’ dressed up for this shindig. I thought of social media, particularly because of my obsession with Instagram. What if I dressed up as Instagram, somehow, and then got butterfly wings, somehow, and called myself a social butterfly?  Back burner, meet good idea.

Some girlfriends also needed a costume, so I asked, would you like to be a social butterfly as well? Your pick. They said yes! Well, needless to say, the first thing in my mind was to make some pieces to complement our costumes….to create a little somethin’ somethin’.

First social butterfly: Pinterest. Think red and white. I’m thinking touches of gold…



This design went through some craziness which I will discuss in a later post. Finally, I pinned (do you like that?!) it to this:




Twitter was next, and this was for a person who typically like super de duper simple jewelry. Sooooo…




Boom. There you have it. That was attached to a thin, dark metal chain with a simple clasp. Minimal with an impact. Love.

And now Instagram….this was simple…Simple logo = simple showing. Brown and black and sparkle.


Beads threaded onto thin stringing wire and attached to a chain which I can adjust for sizing:



Finally, on to Swarm. Swarm is something I did not know about, so I had to ask. This friend was going to be a bumble bee crossover with orange, yellow, and black in her costume. I thought: simple earrings, almost like antennae….and not all orange or yellow is meant to be worn all the time, so I wanted to make earrings that could be worn all the time if desired…


Simple, muted shade of orange pair with a gold color  wire wrapped and housing 5 small and black sparkly beads.

I think it came together nicely 😉


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